Are you ready to awaken your highest potential?

Do you desire to live a more joy filled life?

Have you been feeling limited, unmotivated and long for new possibilities?

Sherri Treuthardt

As a Soul Awakener, I assist those who are seeking your truth through healing core issues and liberating you from self-limiting beliefs. New levels of clarity and confidence will illuminate your path. I call forth this healing in multi-dimensional ways to help you move forward in your life with greater compassion and increased self-love. As a Master Teacher I channel Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. Using the gifts and tools provided to me through these channels and working with my own intuition, I am able to see the energies and the restrictions keeping you from your self-awareness, clarity and expansion.

I offer personalized sessions for those who are asking to remember your true self so you can fully embrace your next step on your desired path. Expanding the energy surrounding your current situation, I am able to offer you healing support to propel you forward with love and compassion for yourself and others. This allows your Soul’s wisdom to come forth to educate, awaken and open your true heart with greater ease. For those who are ready, you will leave outdated patterns behind, express your trueness, and allow your authentic self to shine. You will be gently challenged to look at aspects of yourself to see the whole of you and accomplish the healing and self-love you are here to do.

Animals can be our teachers and guides. I also offer Animal Communication Sessions to those who would like an even deeper connection with your animals.

With a fresh perspective to enlighten your path, I am your advocate and your way-shower.

Enlightenment is your Soul’s awakening. 

Highest potential is your Soul’s desire.

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“My desire is for you to receive your gifts of greater possibilities.”  -Sherri

 “Sherri combines profound intuition and soul wisdom. Her genuine compassion and warmth while guiding and working with me, helped me to expand my vision and to see a bigger picture. Sherri is very grounded in her healing abilities and offered me a space to be emotionally comfortable.”

– M.M. Milwaukee, WI

Sherri is an awesome intuitive. She received messages from spirit that truly resonated with me. I was taken to a space and time during our session that was out of the ordinary. I felt like I was transported into the ethers when she ushered in the spirit of the Archangel Michael during a healing. Working with Sherri is an experience you will not forget.

– Marsha M., Madison, WI